Four intensity levels.


Massage and recovery

In addition to muscle recovery, use Suvius vibrating rollers, balls, and peanuts for deep-tissue massages at home or on the go. 

Works wonders on the pain I get underneath my right shoulder blade. I've tried many different things and I purchased one like this from a different brand and it worked amazingly. So I did some browsing and found this one that was almost identical except for the outer coating at less than half the price!

Derek Miller

This peanut is amazing. The battery lasts 10x longer then expected. The motor is only on one side but you can barely tell a difference. Perfect for lower, upper back, thighs, calves, traps, and more.


My new best friend. I use it before and after workouts, In the car, and before sleeping. It is very effective at relieving pain and relaxing tight spots. Just you a few minutes greatly improves recovery and comfort. If you have not tried one of these things yet, you are in for a treat. My wife bought a nearly identical item for $100, and still thought it was worth it.

Paul Haffey